Movable Type User Manual: ARCHIVING

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Movable Type supports many archiving options: you can archive by date (daily, weekly, or monthly), by category, or by individual entry. This last option means that each entry will be placed on its own page. Each weblog can use multiple archive frequencies and types; for example, your weblog could use Daily, Monthly, and Category archiving. Archive types are selected in the Weblog Config screen, or can be chosen when creating a new weblog. Be aware, however, that the more archive options you choose for a particular weblog, the longer it will take to rebuild your files (Rebuild).

If you do select multiple archive options, you must select a preferred archive type. The preferred archive type is used when constructing links to your entries--for permalinks, for example. A link can only point to one possible archive type; to set this type, set your Preferred Archive Type in the Weblog Config screen.

You will need to create templates for each of your archive types. See TEMPLATES for information on which templates apply to which archive types.

No matter what type of archiving you use, you will likely wish to create a master list of all of your archives. In Movable Type, a master archive index is just a regular index template; however, instead of using the MTEntries tag--as you do with most other index templates--you instead use the MTArchiveList tag. This tag, and associated tags for use with creating a master archive index, are described here.

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